Mark - Lei Ji career battle 22 season, had three different teams won the Stanley Cup (1991 Pittsburgh Penguin, 2006 Carolina hurricane, 2011 Boston brown bear). 2011 Finals Game 2, he became 43 years old in the history of the Stanley Cup final into the goal of the oldest player. Leijk career score of 1533 points, ranked NHL history score list 12, after he was the only history scored more than 500 goals (577) and career total score of more than 1500 points (1533 points) and not selected celebrities Church of the players, this year he was eligible for the fourth year Clark Griswold Jersey. The most eye-catching nature is the regular season MVP attribution, and this award was eventually the young wheat ball in the bag. 20 years old, he was nominated for NHL's regular season MVP third young player Corey Crawford Jersey, second only to the 19-year-old to get the award of the ice hockey giant Gretzky (1980) and Crosby (2007). It is worth mentioning that the Hart Award winner he defeated people have Crosby Chris Chelios Jersey, can be considered to take the predecessors of the torch Marian Hossa Jersey. I do not know whether the Union will usher in the era of wheat ball? New York Islanders will be defender Travis - Amonique sent to the Calgary flame, in exchange for a 2018 first round of the sign and two two-wheeled sign. The islanders will receive a two-wheeled sign of the flame in 2018 and receive another in 2019 or 2020. The flame will get a four-round sign of 2019 or 2020